Anger Management w/ DJ Lady Stab 18/11/19

Enemite – 呼魂 – 恶根 (Echoes – Evil Roots)

Treha Sektori – Ah estereh komh derah

Amenra – Dance Of The Death

Bongripper – Death

Barathrum – The Night of the Demon Lord

Kringa – Eroding Passage

Voice of the Black Pharaoh – Extinction (NZ)

Methchrist – Sodomy of the Divine Rite (NZ)

Præternatura – Séance

Drudkh – His Twenty-Fourth Spring

Vassafor – Makutu (NZ)

Vargafrost – Valfar (NZ)

Cult of Fire – Death

Leviathan – Where Winter Beals Incessant (Judas Iscariot cover)

Leviathan – Withering Upon Her Kingdom Of Was