Te Rukii – E Vero Teie
Mayhem – From the Dark Past
Morbid Angel – Bleed For The Devil
Morbid Angel – Day Of Suffering
Autopsy – Impending Dread
Nazxul – Unearthed
Venom – Witching Hour
Bolt Thrower – World Eater
BACKYARD BURIAL [NZ]- Psychotic Amok In The Morgue
BACKYARD BURIAL [NZ]- The Bone Collector
Brutal Truth – Walking Corpse
Carcass – Corporal Jigsore Quandary
Candlemass – Bewitched
King Woman – Deny
Creeping – 12 Spires
Acid Bath – The Morticians Flame
Unto Others – Double Negative
Zeal & Ardor – At The Seams
Code – Possession Is The Medicine
Monolord – Audhumbla
Stone Angels [NZ]- For The Glory Of None
Windhand – Crypt Key
Abigor – Cold Void Choir
Daucus Karota – The Stranger