David E. Williams – Murder the World With Me
Cadaver – Goatfather
The True Mayhem – Of Worms And Ruin
Tribulation (Official) – Daughter Of The Djinn
Wardruna – Viseveiding
Coffins – Purgatorial Madness
Electric Wizard – Vinum Sabbathi
Acid Bath – Locust Spawning
ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man
LUCIFER – Stay Astray
The Sword – The Maiden The Mother The Crone
Fantômas – Der Golem
INTER ARMA – An Archer In The Emptiness
Te Ruki – Torahi Koe
Solefald – Red View
Plants – Cunts Fucked
Sanctioned – Toxic
Wormrot – Blasphemy My Ass
Messiahvore – Cult Worship
Vondur – I Eldur Og Drumur
Terrorizer – Dead Shall Rise
Kreator – Betrayer
Devil Master – Dance Of the Full Moon Specter
Von – Christ Fire
Vual – The Human Law
PRIMITIVE MAN – Consumption
Zeal & Ardor – Trust No One
PENTAGRAM – The Devil’s Playground
The Devil’s Blood – To the Death