Blasphantom – Pig Milk Fed Prophet
Malevolence – Property Of Satan
Backyard Burial – The Bone Collector
Forced To Submit – Burying Angels
Bridge Burner – Illness and Loathing
Boltcutter – I Am The Wolf
Ulcerate – Inversion
Trepanation – B/H/T
Creeping -Pestilential Rain
Exordium Mors – Ancestors Call
Winter Deluge – Fall To The Wyrm Of Time
Vassafor – Emergence (Of An Unconquerable One)
Heresiarch – Dread Prophecy
Diocletian – Steel Jaws
Aphelon – The Curse Of Soil and Blood
Draco Aerius – Perpetual Nocturne
Dawn of Azazel – Strike First, Strike Hard, Strike Often
Brutal Supremacy – Victory Favours The Cruel
Horrendous Disfigurement – Funeral Dismemberment
Backyard Burial – Psychotic Amok In The Morgue
Execrate – Deciphering the Serpent
Earth Tongue – Unseen Tormentor
BEASTWARS – Lake Of Fire
The House Of Capricorn – Lord Of Light And Pride
Arc Of Ascent – Celestial Altar
Yarnspinner – The Great Indulgence
Planet Of the Dead – A Million Deaths
Open Tomb – Damned To Forgive