Anger Management w/ DJ Nightmare 05-08-19

My Dying Bride – Crown Of Sympathy
Devil Master – Black Flame Candle
Sacred Reich – Draining You Of Life
Stalker (NZ) – The Mutilator
Midnight – I Am Violator
Sabbat – The Whisper Of Demon
Venom Inc – Witching Hour
Nifelheim – Evil Is Eternal
Sarcofago – The Black Vomit
Morbid Angel – Bleed For The Devil
Nocturnus AD – Precession Of The Equinoxes
1349 – Sculptor Of Flesh
Ulver – Hymn VI:Of Wolf And Passion
Abbath – Sythewinder
The Dauntless – Black Death
Tribulation – In The Dreams of The Dead
Black Magick SS – Crusader
Satan’s Satyrs – Instruments Of Hellfire
The Devil’s Blood – Die The Death
Saint Vitus – 12 Years In The Tomb
Idle Hands PDX – Double Negative
Black Mountain – Licensed To Drive
Earth Tongue – The Dome
Yarnspinner (NZ) – Drunk Cosmonaut
The Sword – Freya
Riffcoven – Cursed
Stone Angels (NZ) – For The Glory Of None