Clipping- Haunting
Devil Master – Desperate Shadow
Zeal & Ardor – Trust No One
Black Magick S S – Endless Hallucinations
OKKULTOKRATI- Grimoire Luciferian Dream
Tribulation – Strains Of Horror
Glassblower [NZ] – The Abolitionist
Te Ruki – Tuakana
SoulVoid [NZ] – Summoned To Kill
Stalker – Speed Metal – Intruder
Yawning Void -Ouroborean
The True Mayhem- Falsified and Hated
Naglfar – The Dagger In Creation
HEXEKRATION RITES- Blazing Purification
Clipping – Possession/Story 7
Ulver – Hour Of The Wolf
Sunn O))) – Ascension
Hangman’s Chair – Save Yourself
Monolord – Skywards
Pallbearer – Vengeance and Ruination