Anger Management w/ DJ Nightmare666

Black Sabbath – Into The Void
Orchid – Sign Of The Witch
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Blood Runner
Candlemass – Death’s Wheel
Holy Serpent – Sativan Harvest
Drug Cult – Mind Crypt
King Woman – Hem
Kitchen Witch – Third Eye
Lizzard Wizzard – Chaaaaarles
Rotting Christ – Fire God And Fear
Lucifungus – 411
Wo Fat- Of Smoke and Fog
Stone Angels (NZ) – Coffin Cross
Bridge Burner (NZ) – Keelhauler
Primitive Man – Disfigured
Conan – Total Conquest
Bloodnut (NZ) – Fire Giant
Black Sabbath – A Kill In The Spirit World
In Solitude – Pallid Hands