Anger Management w/ DJ Nigthmare 666 03-08-20

The Devil’s Blood – In The Loving Arms Of Lunacy’s Secrets
Ulcerate (NZ) – There Is No Horizon
WINTER DELUGE (NZ) – Architects Of Extinction
Vassafor(NZ) – Egregore Rising
ABIGOR – Liberty Rises a Diagonale Flame
Katatonia – Closing The Sky
My Dying Bride – Tired Of Tears
The Oath – Black Rainbow
Ruby the Hatchet – Wicked Ones
Lingua Ignota – Fucking Deathdealer
Pentagram – Walk Alone
Yarnspinner – Night Witch
R.I.P. – Brimstone
B M SS – The Truth
Sabbath Assembly – I, Satan
The True Mayhem – Everlasting Dying Flame
HERESIARCH (NZ) – Iconoclasm
Backyard Burial (NZ) – I Always Inhale
Possessed – Satan’s Curse
Sabbat – The Whisper Of Demon
Sadistik Exekution – Astral Abortis
Church of Misery – Master Of Brutality