Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 14-10-19

Leviathan- Unfailing into naught
Eterul- In a desert of parallel realities
Bethlehem- Dorn meier allmacht
Evoken- Yet the watchers guard
Worship- Evoken
Distant Fear- Crude sanctum
Infernal Coil- Bodies set in ashen death
Oblivion Dawn- Scorched flesh, blackened earth
Decimation Hammer- Nuclear dawn
Bestia Arcana- Howling
Pandemic Holocaust- Womb ripping genocide
Pandemic Holocaust- Scorched to the bone
Eskhaton- Omnilify
Bletsian- Hate is the law
Bestial Warlust- Holocaust wolves of the apocalypse
Sanguisugabogg- Perverse/deranged