Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 22-07-19

Cruciamentum- The conquered sun
Suffocation- Subconsciously enslaved
Bolt Thrower- Warmaster
Vesicant- Uncoiled desolator
Depths Above- Here and everywhere
Krypts- Echoes emanate forms
Sedimentum- L’ocean encephalique
Timeghoul- Gutspawn
Tomb Mold- Final struggle of selves
Undergang- Tvangstanker
Infernal Coil- 49 suns
Wormridden- Reduced to slime
Dagger Lust- Inflamed wounds of masochism
Kommand- Starvation
Ululatum Tollunt- Triumph continuum
Ritual genocide- Fear pounding
Apocalypse Command- Onslaught of invincible evil
Temple Nightside- Graven
Terror Oath- Desolations command
Sinistrous Diablous- The essence of divinity given to the abstractions of the human mind