Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 23-12-19

1349- Towers upon towers
Infernal coil- Bodies set in ashen death
Pharmakeia- Request
Hwwauoch- The perversion of time and space
Abigail Williams- Ever so bold
Vesicant- Excoriation
Distant Fear- Fatal Displeasure
Heresiarch- Storming upon knaves
Veneficium- Mordant photism above cathedrals of ash
Sabbatic goat- Kingdom of enslavement
Triumvir Foul- Urine of abomination 3
Nile- I whisper in the ear of the dead
Blut Aus Nord- Sybelius
Bolzer- A shepherd in wolven skin
MayheM- Throne of time
Abyssal- The cloister beneath the grime
Aevangelist- Heralds of nightmare descending
Rattenfanger- Materia prima
Dragged into sunlight- Volcanic birth
Serpentrance- The aphotic temples
Odiusembowel- Mephitic sermon