Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 24-02-20

Sanguisugabogg- Succulent decadent
Vorum- Hungry wounds
Altar of gore- Sanguinary relics
Undergang- Kloakkens afkom
Phrenelith- Defleshed in ecstacy
Tomb mold- Infinite resurrection
Carcinoma- Silent master
Contaminated- Their future
Imposer- Omnipotence
Devourment- Fucked to death
Ulcerate- Extinguished light
Axis of advance- Evanescent judgement of the last era
Revenge- Wolf slave protocol
Conqueror- Chaos domination
Diocletian- Heretics
Ritual genocide- Adverserial elite
Decimation hammer- Vituperation
Witches hammer- Solar winds
Procreation- The coming of hate
Conqueror- War cult supremacy
Black witchery- Desecration of the holy kingdom
Archgoat- Obsidian flame
Black witchery- Blasphemous onslaught