Nargun- Hungriger Tod

Kruor Noctis– Gems in the eyes of the Dioscuri

Abystic Ritual- In nightfall I reign

Open Tomb– Life fucker

Dawn of Azazel- Solar invictus

Sabbatic Goat– Temple of barbaric misanthropy

Decimation Hammer– Destroyer

Crypt Incursion– Proliferation of obscenities

Gomorrah- The garden

Bowel Rupture- Leeched

WINTER DELUGE– Unholy desecrationTorturor- Stabbed in half

Witchrist– Corpse of the divine

Excidium- Holocaust Demo

Anthrophobia- Hope haunts us

Odiusembowel– Wallowing in the filth of many

Demiurge- Innocent

Draco Aerious- Beyond the circle

De Vermis- Black wolf pride

Nystagmus– Onieric entity

Kaput Mortum- Unholy wisdom

Barshasketh– Macabre Ascension*

Sabbatic Goat and Decimation Hammer brought to you by Antipodean Darkness Records

*Written in NZ