Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 24-06-19

Vilifier- Bloodvomit evocation
Vilifier- Lacerated flesh of ancient wisdom
Absurd- Weltenfeind
Absurd- Black hand of death
Demonomancy- Rites of barbaric demons
Demonomancy- Hordes of fallen souls
Sigrblot- Krigpsalm
Sigrblot- Manifest
Pogost- We are the flesh of satan
Pogost- Eternal chaos
Spearhead- Operation overlord
Spearhead- Violated purity
Proclamation- Evil blood of sodomy
Procalmation- Rites of carnality
Prosanctus Inferi- Flayed ecclesian sophistry
Prosanctus Inferi- Lips of plasma vomiting sanctimonious pyx
Damaar- Preaching for mass suicide
Damaar- The goatpheonix
Heresiarch- Carnivore
Heresiarch- Iconoclasm
Acrimonious- The curse of eden
Acrimonious- Goatrapture
Drudkh- False dawn
Hate Forest- In cold empty darkness
Hate Forest- Forest of nevres