Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 26-08-19

Hellvetron- Blessing anointed under a burning throne
Ignivimous- Thalasaphobia
Scythe Lore- With our rotting flesh
Diocletian- Plundered by hyenas
Grave Upheaval- Grave upheaval
Prosanctus Inferi- Blood Synod
Cerebral Rot- Putrefaction (Eternal decay)
Mylingar- Blandningen
Kill- The prince of evil spirits
Xalpen- Ten Hashpen in darkness remains
Decimation Hammer- Vituperation
Dungeons of Blood- Pulpating guts
Tenebrae in Perpetuum- Oscillacione ipnotica profonda
Aoratos- Holy mother of terror
Bestia Arcana- Feverwind
Nocturnal Departure- Dismal Existence
Aevangelist- Praeternigma
Esoctrilihum- Thar-Voknargh
Ars Magna Umbrae- Cthonic torches of gnosis
Entheogen- Sol genesis
Mare Cognitum- Vehement coalescence