Anger Management w/ DJ Rexx 27-05-19

All Kiwi, eviller than evil

Draco Aerious- Invulnerable
Draco Aerious- Perpetual Nocturne
Rotton Blood- Open Coffen
Rotton Blood- Engrossed In Gore
Sinistrous Diabolus- The Essence Of Divinity Given To The Abstractions Of Human Flesh
Sinistrous Diabolus- Wipe out Christianity
Diocletian- Decimator
Diocletian- Order Of The Ironfist
Dawn Of Azazel- I Stand Unconquered
Dawn Of Azazel- Conflagration Of The Mortal Soul
Human Butchery- Feast On Christian Meat
Human Butchery- Sever The Wicked
Creeping- Creeping On The Moors
Creeping- Ten Horns
Anno Domini Mortus- Exorcism i
Anno Domini Mortus- Exorcism ii
Winter Deluge- Scripture To The Ancient
De Vermis- Battle Cry Of Ancient Lore
De Vermis- Outpost
Meth Drinker- Black Iron Prison
Meth Drinker- Convulsion
Witchrist- Devour The Flesh
Witchrist- Temple Of War
Aphelon- Miasma