Tyranny- Sonorous howl from beyond the stars
Temple Desecration- Slaughter in heaven
Vasaeleth- Adorned and iridescent
Von- DevilWhore
Wrathprayer- In visceribus bestiae
Cemetery Urn- Wrath from the grave
Impious Baptism- Quinon proficit deficit
Irkallian Oracle- Dispersion
Melektaus- Quintessence
Relentless Attrition- Ectopic pregnancy
Monarque- La quintessence du mal
Moonblood- Bloody night of fullmoon
Kristallnacht- Soldiers of the sun
Vociferian- Sculptures of perishing ornaments
Deathspell Omega- Succubus of all vices
Cosmic Putrefaction- Abysmal resonance projection
Disembowellment- The spirits of the tall hills
Antediluvian- Slipstream of leviathans wake
Sortilegia- Limen tenebrae lucis