[NZ] Swamp Dweller-Eighty Twenty
Bayou-Magick Swamp Green
[NZ] Bulletbelt-Flames Of Hell
Bull Elephant-Last Defilement
Disciples Of Verity-The Flow (feat Morgan Rose)
Lion’s Share-Shotgun Messiah (2020 re-recording)
[NZ] Soul Void-Summoned To Kill
[NZ] Jormungandr-Temple Of Winds
[NZ] Souls Of Hades-Dig The Dead
Fear Factory-Replica (Electric Sheep Mix)
Alchemist-New Beginning
Pitch Shifter-Inflammator
Paradise Lost-Hope Dies Young
[NZ] Gravel Pit-Building
[NZ] Sticky Filth-Jimmy Wheel
[NZ] Starving Millions-Cult Of Control
Agnostic Front-Spray Painted Walls
Poison Idea-In Order To Live
Machine Head-Hard Times (live)
Deceased-World Peace
Deceased-Ultra Violent
Warrior Soul-Punk Rock N’ Roll
[NZ] Human-Teenage Bonesaw Massacre
Lamb Of God-Routes (feat Chuck Billy)
Witchskull-Black Cathedrals
Pale Divine-Satan In Starlight
Orange Goblin-Quincy The Pig Boy
[NZ] Monsterworks-Supermetal