Akaname – Transmutation

Beastwars Band – Mihi

Tuscoma – Is the Modern Still Modern?

Ulcerate – Cold Becoming

Blindfolded and Led to the Woods – Atop the Wings of a Magpie (feat. Karl Sanders)

Order of Diptera – Light and RotMarrowspawn – Cop Code

Vixen Execution – Is Using Corpses for Collateral Legal?

Carnal – NZ – Silhouettes of my Concubine

Scorn Of Creation – Dissent and Dissonance

Ayamvoid – In the Ashes of Optimism

Yarnspinner – Hair of the Tooth

NIISA – Primordial Fool

Meth Drinker – Vile Entity

Swamp Dweller – Band – Lungsplitter

From the Dark – In the Last Days of the Sun

MetalTower – Fvk Mourning

Blacktooth – Feeding my Mind’s Destruction

Opium Eater – The Effect of a Tragedy on it’s Spectators

Severed Beliefs – Shattered Infinity

Dark Divinity – Blood on the Altar

Glassblower – The Abolitionist (feat. Tom Latta)’

Backyard Burial – Backyard Buds

Bloodnut – Mark of the Outcast

El Schlong – The Room