Anger Management w/ Satanic DJ Rexx 22-04-19

Satanic Warmaster – Sign of fighters storm
Pest – Bestial Crucificxion
Clandestine Blaze – Messiah of a dying world
Craft – Undone
Pagan Hellfire – Here lies the frozen soil
Old Wainds – Storm Whip
Typhus – Coprophagic communion upon the holy altar
Setherial – Lords of the nightrealm
Bletsian – He who hates
Spear of longinus – Zeal for the law, the war, the day of vengeance
Oath of Damnation – Shroud of Spoletto
Nightbringer – Let silence be his sacred name
Thornspawn – Sanctified by satans blood
Urgehal – Satanic black metal in hell
Mgla – Groza 2
Krieg – Fleshprison monolith
Vobiscum Inferni – Blasphemies under high infinity thrones
Beastcraft – Enthronement of the third antichrist
Bolzer – Entranced by the wolfshook
Armagedda – Domedagens triumf