Anger Management w/ Witchfinder General 08-07-19

[NZ] Opium Eater-Collapse
[NZ] Bulletbelt-Faster Than Death
[NZ] Sciolism-Released To Chaos
[NZ] Beastwars-This Mortal Decay
[NZ] Crooked Royals-Rumination
[NZ] Muckhole-One Trick Pony
NOFX-Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
[NZ] Gravel Pit-Lines
[NZ] Sommerset-Same Mistakes
Deceased-Right Brigade [Bad Brains cover] [NZ] Numbskull-Flaccid Acid
Nails-I Dont Want To Know You
Candlemass-Darkness In Paradise
Black Sabbath-Never Say Die
Queensryche-Propaganda Fashion
Lord-United (Welcome Back)
Helrunar-Devils, Devils Everywhere!
Negura Bunget-A Vint In Abis
Bethlehem-Wahn Schmiedet Krieg
Black Sabbath-Jerusalem
Helloween-Where The Sinners Go
Vader-Steeler [Judas Priest cover] Death Angel-I Came For Blood
Memoriam-The Veteran
The Haunted-The Prosecution
Suicidal Tendencies-Gotta Kill Captain Stupid