[NZ] Distant Fear-Fatal Displeasure
[NZ] Divisionary-Insolent
[NZ] The Snake Behaviour-Skin
[NZ] Sticky Filth-Said The Labourer
SOD-Kill The Assholes
SOD-Skool Bus
Deceased-Here To Stay
Deceased-State Oppression
Slayer-Violent Pacification [DRI]
Probot-Silent Spring (with Kurt Brecht of DRI)
Sepultura-Inhuman Nature [Final Conflict]
[NZ] Hadees Drudge-Wait For What
Ozzy Osbourne-See You On The Other Side (edit)
[NZ] Shepherds Reign-Why Can’t You Die
Lamb Of God-New Colossal Hate
Death-Mentally Blind
Carcass-Doctrinal Expletives
[NZ] Beastwars-Rivermen (Live At San Fran 2018)
Paradise Lost-Fall From Grace
Novembers Doom-Adagio
Scorpions-Alien Nation (edit)
Iron Savior-Prisoner Of The Void
Old Man’s Child-Behind The Mask
Moonspell-Extinct (live)
[NZ] End Boss-Heart Of The Sickle
Megadeth-No More Mr Nice Guy
Fear Factory-Soulwound