Anger Management w/ Witchfinder General 09-03-20

Interitum-Suck My Humanity
Pod People-Two Eyes Bleeding
Kadavar-Lord Of The Sky
[NZ] Execrate-Ridicule Of Sanity
[NZ] Sciolism-Experiential Empiricism
Testament-Seven Seals
[NZ] Opium Eater-Worry Is At The Door
[NZ] Bloodnut-Mark Of The Outcast
[NZ] Planet Hunter-The Bigger They Are
Clutch-Gimme The Keys
In Flames-Burn
Ministry-We’re Tired Of It
Heart Through Sacrifice-Pride And Honour
Solstice-To Sol A Thane 2019
[NZ] Secrets Of The Sun-Suffer With The Moon
[NZ] Wolf Wizard-Rotting
[NZ] Swamp Dweller-Lungsplitter
[NZ] Hypergiant-Planetcracker
[NZ] Thousand Limbs-Amok
[NZ] Triumphs-Holographic Peak
[NZ] Into Orbit-Shifter