Anger Management w/ Witchfinder General 09-09-19

[NZ] Stalker-Powermad
Sabaton-The Red Baron
Lord-The Edge Of The World
Death Angel-Divine Defector
[NZ] Stone Angels-A Blissful Death
[NZ] Creeping-Curses
In The Woods-Cloud Seeder
Opeth-Hjartat Vet Vad Handen Gor (Heart In Hand)
[NZ] Paspalum-Open Air
[NZ] Beastwars-Sound Of The Grave
Redbait-Nazi Punks Fuck Off!
Closet Witch-Arlington Cemetery (demo)
Cliterati-Fast & Frightening [L7 cover] Ithaca-Secret Space
Terminal Nation-Poder Absoluto
[NZ] Sommerset-Clutter
[NZ] Gravel Pit-Death Bag
The Gathering-Earth Is My Witness (live)
Queensryche-Man The Machine
Saint Vitus-I Bleed Black
Obsessed-Climate Of Despair (demo)
The Hidden Hand-The Crossing
Sepultura-Refuse/Resist (live)
Lion’s Share-We Are What We Are
Lord-Fallen Idols
Death Angel-Buried Alive (live)
Pallbearer-Thorns (live)