[NZ] Toxic Avengers-Searching For Heaven
[NZ] Toxic Avengers-Vodka Frenzy
Benumb-Dissection Of Grace
Benumb-Embodyment Of Despair
Heart Through Sacrifice-War And Terror/Inhale Exhale
The Obsessed-Tomorrow’s Dream [Black Sabbath]
Haunt-St Vitus Dance [Black Sabbath]
[NZ] Fall Of Man-Between God & The Devil
[NZ] Blindfolded And Led To The Woods-Portraits
[NZ] Enter The Soil-Twisting, Turning, Ecstacy
Pale Divine-Tyrants & Pawns (Easy Prey)
[NZ] Pulvinar-Meek
Te Ruki-Te Nohi
[NZ] Monsterworks-Pre-Emptive Strike
Fates Warning-Glass Houses
[NZ] Hadees Drudge-Take Me Back
[NZ] Dark Divinity-Blood On The Altar
[NZ] End Boss-Queen Of The Sky
[NZ] Stalker-Sentenced To Death
Disciples Of Verity-Lying To Myself (feat Phil Demmel)
Witchskull-Nero Order
Death-See Through Dreams
Gruesome-A Waste Of Life
Kamni-Nobody’s Fault
Caustic Casanova-Wicked World [Black Sabbath]