Ministry-Alert Level (Quarantined Mix)
SOD-Stigmata (live) [Ministry]
SOD-Thieves (live) [Ministry]
Fight-Kill It (Dutch Death Mix)
Kenosis-Abraham’s Dagger
Depths Of Hatred-An Infidel’s Dissent
[NZ] Distant Fear-Mortal Column
[NZ] Divisionary-Insolent
[NZ] Just One Fix-Death In The Family
[NZ] Akaname-Rhythm
[NZ] Descendants Of Darwin-Once An Idol (Now Reviled)
[NZ] Bleed This Earth-As I Waste Away
[NZ] Shepherds Reign-End Of The Trial
[NZ] Hadees Drudge-No Escape
[NZ] Beastwars-Witches (Live At San Fran 2018)
[NZ] End Boss-Queen Of The Sky
[NZ] Subtract-NZOA
[NZ] Hiboux-Mäusethal
[NZ] The Snake Behaviour-Lights Out
[NZ] Sticky Filth-No Comfort Comes
Deceased-Subliminal [Suicidal Tendencies]
Deceased-Bodies [Sex Pistols]
[NZ] Gravel Pit-Sickened
[NZ] Sommerset-Coming Home
[NZ] Product-New World
[NZ] Graves-Choke
[NZ] God Awful-Selfish Sidewalkers
[NZ] Rat Dickz-Colonel Sanders
Pig Destroyer-Gravedancer
Drained-All Will Fall