Anger Management w/ Witchfinder General 29/06/2020

[NZ] Dark Divinity-Vertigo
[NZ] Plague Of The Fallen-The God Of Depravity
Moonspell-Love Crimes (live)
Samael-Winter Solstice
[NZ] Just One Fix-Crushed Beyond Reckoning
[NZ] Government Pest-The Voices
[NZ] Hadees Drudge-Scape Goat
[NZ] Gravel Pit-Lines
[NZ] Happy Valley-Achillies
[NZ] Glassblower-The Abolitionist
[NZ] Graves-Skitliv
[NZ] Zirstiren-Human Flesh
[NZ] Monsterworks-Body Fortress
[NZ] Bleed This Earth-The Bell Song
Fuzzboar-Acid Tears
Lucifungus-Burn The World
Witchskull-March Of Winter
Fear Factory-Concreto
Fear Factory-Demolition Racer
[NZ] Infinite Hex-Terms And Conditions
Author & Punisher-A Crude Sectioning
Venom Prison-Uterine Industrialisation
Aeturnus-Ascension Of Terror
Micawber-Welcome Home
Therion-Fight Fire With Fire
Sinister-Creative Killings