Anger Management’s 20th Annual Black Sabbath Special w/ The Witchfinder General

Candlemass-Black Sabbath Medley
Black Sabbath-Scary Dreams (live)
Heaven & Hell-Eating The Cannibals
Black Sabbath-In For The Kill
Bongzilla-Under The Sun
Black Sabbath-The Illusion Of Power
Black Sabbath-Disturbing The Priest
Adrenaline Mob-The Mob Rules
Heaven & Hell-Children Of The Sea (live)
Black Sabbath-Killing Yourself To Live
Biohazard-After Forever (edit version)
Black Sabbath-War Pigs (basement tapes version/early lyrics)
Bill Ward with Ozzy guest vocal-Bombers (Can Open Bomb Bays)
Black Sabbath-Megalomania (live)
Black Sabbath-Letters From Earth (alternate version)
Black Sabbath-Back To Eden
Black Sabbath-Black Moon (B-side from The Shining single)
Black Sabbath-Weevil Woman 71
Black Sabbath-Behind The Wall Of Sleep (‘dry vocal’ version)
Black Sabbath-Loner
Black Sabbath-Fairies Wear Boots
Black Sabbath-Rock ‘n’ Roll Doctor
Powerwolf-Headless Cross