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App Information:

The RadioActive.FM app is not compatible with the latest version of Android.

The app is also showing incorrect times of played tracks – for reference, the most recently played track is at the top, the least recently played at the bottom. Tracks still continue to update as played.

The App developer is currently working to fix these issues.

The RadioActive.FM | 88.6FM App is your gateway to live DJ’s, discounts, playlists, and more!

The home of alternative music in Aotearoa, championing underground and new music since 1977.

Listen live, interact and become a part of RadioActive.FM | 88.6FM

With our app you can stream the station live 24/7.
Keep track of your favourite songs, stay up to date on the Top 11, and check out the deals available at our Active Card partners!

*Data or Wi-Fi connection required


• Stream RadioActive.FM – anytime, anywhere!
• See what’s been playing, and the tune that’s live right now.
• “Like” songs as they are playing to save them to your faves.
• View this week’s Top 11 – Brought to you by Hills Hats.
• View Active Card discounts – Sign up for your Active Card today for specials in store and online, and member only giveaways!
• The Activity Guide: What’s happening around town!?