Breakfast 04-04-17

the xx – on hold
The flying lizards – Money (That’s what I want)
ugly disco – nutz
fran/bar – same name
steve knight – dem a fraud
echo ohs – up the river
gorillaz – saturnz barz
Headless Chickens – Expecting To Fly
dual – interlude
MMM – Meets Tshetsha Boys [Honest Jon’s] froth – sensitive girl
soulwax – missing wires
grayson gilmour – hundred waters
perfume genius – slip away
jay roacher and nettsmoney – cardigan and paisley
mind groove – sailor and the mountain
kamandi – clone phone
myele manzanza – city of atlantis
tim green – old sunshine
dbldbl – non stop home and away omnibus
juana molina – cosoco
maple syrup – keeps me sane
temples – born into the sunset
lake south – coast/whanarua bay
incognoto traveller – vestibule\
k2k – we down for