Chance the Rapper- Angels

High Hoops- Body

Manuel Darquart- Next Dance

Manuel Darquart- Im not over you

Hockey Dad- I wanna be everybody

Subjoi- the way I feel

Merk- Unlcuky Dilemma

Quasar- I never thought I’d see the day

Marlon Williams- Beautiful Dress

Mild Orange- Some feeling

Courtenay Barnett- Need a little time

Eb and Sparrow- Little hands



A.A.L- Are you gonna love me and scream?

Distinguished Jamaican English- Time to Build featuring Blade

Hot Chip – Over and Over

Soaked Oats- Gum 15

Mild Orange – Some Feeling

DJ Sweat -Breakin

Hopetoun Brown- Put it down

The murlochs- Loop holes



9 am

Heartless Bastards- Came a long way

Lips- Everything to me

No Vacation your with me

flowers on the wall

Giselle- silk

Ulstraista- Gold Dayzz

Bonobo – Kong

Aldous Harding- Blend

Pschedelic Furs- Love my Way

Wild Nothing- Midnight

Nadia Reed- Richard

Frank Ocean- Pink and White

Groeni- The Pharmacist