7 AM

Jack Berry- Haha

Beach house-Black Car

Noname- Diddy Bop

Jungle- Busy Earnin

Heartless Bastards- Came a long way

Amy Winehouse- F me pumps

D Angelo- Cruisin Austin dallas mix

Vampire Weekend- A punk

Mazzy Star- Fade into you

Tomorrow Tulips- Flowers on the wall

Ulstraista- Gold dayzz




Iggy pop – Passsenger

Rolling black outs coastal fever- Bellaraine

Frank Ocean- Pink and white

Nadia Reid- Preservation



J dilla- WOnt do

Plutonic LAB ft Natalie Slade, Raiza biza and 8h- Give it up

Grayson Gilmour- Blow BACK (Borrowed CS Magic air mix)

BJM- Straight up and down

Bastian and me- lets house

Fatima- caught in a lie

Sam Wave- the best irregular

Tune yards- Honesty