Breakfast w/ Graeme 11-12-18

Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache.
Lafayette Afro Rock Band/Ice – Put an X on the Spot.
Lou Reed – Intro/Sweet Jane. (live)
Gil Scott Heron – New York Is Killing Me.
Puberty – I Bet on Losing Dogs.
Dalvanius and the Fascinations – Voodoo Lady.
Al-Kaics – She’s Obsessed With Herself.
Patti Labelle – Most Likely You Go Your Way, and I’ll Go Mine.
Bailey Wiley – Sugar.
Kurt Vile – Bassackwards.
Ghostnaut with Raw Collective – Tribes.
Jonathan Bree – Fuck It.

Leith and Laszlo – Treading Water.
Nadia Reid – Richard.
Harlem World Crew – Let’s Rock.
MC Lovely – One Time, Two Times to Blow Your Mind.
Nigerian Police Orchestra – Asiko Mi Ni (Activity bed)
Janelle Monae – Dance or Die (with Saul Williams)
Grand Master Chilly T – Rock the Message.
Little Lapin – Good Time Boy.

Mako Road – Be the Same.
Eckhardt and the House – Funeral.
Donna Summer – Love to Love You Baby.
Prince – Let’s Pretend We’re Married.
Simloco – Seaweed.(with Jinz Moss)
Mazroy – Ask Me Something.
Grimes – We Appreciate Power.
Meshelle Ndegeocello – Atomic Dog.
Lera Lynn – Wolf Like Me.
Angie Stone – Brotha pt2. (feat Alicia Keys)
Mmdelai – Fast Fire.
Sisters Underground – In the Neighbourhood.
Nina Simone – Just Like a Woman.