Salmonella Dub – Problems (Zion Train)
Patti Smith – Land.
Stevie Wonder – Black Man.
Recloose Live Band – Dust.
The Bar Kays – Son of Shaft (live)
Shilpa Ray – Burning Bride.
Shahid Quintet – Invitation to Join Black Power.
Bonaparte – Halfway House.
Cory Champion – 6.
Hans Pucket – FML.
Newtown Rocksteady – Shaker Maker.
Ibeyi – I Wanna Be Like You.
Nightmares on Wax – Deep Shadows.
Oscar Key Sung – Fools (feat Ah Mer Ah Su)
Hugh Masekela – Boy’s Doin’ It (Carl Craig)
Latinaotearoa – Skyy, Can You Feel Me.
Stevie Wonder – As.
The Response – Off Grid.
The Slits – Heard it Through the Grapevine.
Preoccupations – Espionage.
Psyrok – Lion Son.
Wurld Series – The Bend (radio edit)
Fever Party – Working Love.
Stevie Wonder – Superstition.
Enjalas – Smile.
Loma – Relay Runner.
Horibuzz – Turnaround (Joe Revell)
Urthboy – Two Hearts.
TuneYards – Heart Attack.