Deaf – Truency
Bat for Lashees – Marilyn
Orchestra Spheres -Rock #9
Pretty little Pony – Honeycomb
FKA Twigs – Give Up
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Everyone acts Crazy these days

Interview – Problems at Circa

Beach House – Darling
velvet underground – who loves the sun
Kinks – Everybody is gonna be happy
Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams – Death Don’t have no Mercy in this Land

Interview – Megan Dunn

Laurie Anderson – Langue D’Amour
The National – Don’t Swallow the Capp
Julia Dean – The Panic
Eb and Sparrow – Loaded Gun
Fletcher Valentine – Synthetic
Johnny Cash – Darkness
Kane Strang – Not Quite
Warpaint – Undertow

Raw Collective – Waterproof Coat
Dyalla – Sorry ft Andrwe Applepie
Nadia Reid – Reach My Destination

Louis Baker – Black Crow