Active Live: Idhayam

Idhayam join Harri in the Active Live room 🎷 Bringing classical Indian Carnatic music to life through the unique fusion of jazz, funk and mod...

Vikae on Amplifier – 07/07/2022

Alt Pop Artist Vikae joins Don Luchito on air to chat about her new single "Final Breakdown".

Community Law on Breakfast 11-07-2022

Melissa Harward from CLWHV joins Maggie on Breakfast to talk about what to do if you disagree with a decision made about your ACC claim. https://...

Don McGlashan on Breakfast 13-07-2022

Don McGlashan joins Maggie on Breakfast all the way from Vancouver to talk about the (re)announcement of his NZ tour for his no. 1 album, 'Bright Nov...

Recharted 178 – George Turner

Te Whanganui-a-Tara based multi-disciplinary artist George Turner sits down with Ollie Hutton and talks about their latest album set to release later this year. Over cups of tea, native bird sounds and the meditative coldness of Aro Valley - tune in to this delightful conversation.