Thursday December 1st
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In it’s third annual year Musicians for DCM is aimed at helping the Downtown Community Ministry aid the Wellingtonians who have the least, knowing that every cent of every dollar raised goes straight into helping those with little access to money, food, health care, and shelter.

Some of Wellington’s (and New Zealand’s) favourite musicians are lining up to raise money for DCM in a showstopper of an event.

This Christmas Concert for DCM will see Barnaby Weir (The Black Seeds), Adam McGrath (The Eastern), Lisa Tomlins, Finn Johansson, Miles Calder and Kim and Dusty take the stage, backed up by up by The Hard Core Troubadours, including Wayne Mason, one of NZ’s top singer-songwriters. All led by Rob Joass (Hobnail).

“Last year’s concert was a magic night. “The best concert I’ve seen all year,” was a common refrain. This year is shaping up to be even better. We’re blessed to have such a stellar array of talent generously donating their time and energy to this very worthy cause. It will be an amazing night.” – Rob Joass

Tickets  $30.00 from

All proceeds are going directly to the Wellington Downtown Community Ministry.

For more information about the brilliant work DCM does for our most at risk Wellingtonians visit

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