The Floor 05-01-17

The Orb – Perpertual Dawn (UltraBass 2)
Moody Boys – Jammin
Candido – Thousand Finger Man
Stereo MC’s – Creation (Ultimatum mix)
Isolee – Beau Mot Plage (DJ Q remix)
Rui De Silva present the 4 Elements – Earth
Hardkiss – Of the Mind, of the Spirit
Paperclip People – The Climax

[Messages] [Smiley’s People Track] Black Box – Ride on Time (Garage Trip) (1989)

Inner City – Follow Your Heart (MK mix)
Deskee – Kid Get Hyped (Dope Vocal)
The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive
Daft Punk – Revolution 909
Duran Duran – (Reach Up for the) Sunrise (Eric Prydz mix)
Play Paul – La La Land
Cyclone – Lord of the Land (Crispy Cools’ Make Mine a 91′ mix)
Altern8 – Infiltrate202 (Joey Beltram mix)

[Gigs] Taniwha’s Den (Feb)

[Shoutout] Matty T, Baz & Di
Martina, Clea, Charmaine
Damien, Thomas, Rebecca

The KLF have awoken