The Flow, 06.04.2016

* = NZ

Link Wray: Batman Theme
The J.B’s: (It’s Not the Express) It’s the J.B’s Monaurail
Waterfalls: Empty Arms are Kinder *
Beaty Heart: Flora
Azekel: New Romance
Tricky: Boy
Burial: Dog Shelter
Massive Attack: Ritual Spirit (feat. Azekel)
LNZNDRF: Future You
The Break: Whatever Dumb Courage
Jakob: Magna Carta *
Mount Moriah: How to Dance
Repulsive Woman: Happily *
SJD: Through the Valley *

HATCHED TRACK: Yuna Lesca: 383 *
Mr. Fingers: Qwazars
Anohni: Drone Bomb me
Midnight Oil: Bells and Horns in the Back of Beyond
The Chantays: Pipeline
The Atlantics: Bombora
Transistor: A Hollow Dream *
Moodoïd: La Lune
The Parking Lot Experiments: Live Long
10cc: The Worst Band in the World
J Dilla: Workinonit
Nelson Riddle: Holy-Hole-in-the-Doughnut
Beck: Jack-Ass
K-Def: Driving Around with da Funk
Oddisee: No Sugar No Cream

Tranquility Bass: Mya Yadana
Phosphorescent: Wolves (Solo)
Destroyer: Archer on the Beach
I.E. Crazy: An Incident on the Edge of Town *
The National: Morning Dew
Midnight Oil: Underwater
Your Friend: Come Back From It
Soccer Practise: Haere Mai e Tama *
Death & the Maiden: Flowers for the Blind *
Strange Harvest: The Last Supper *
Burial: Ghost Hardware
Smith & Mighty: Evolve