Al and James are known formally as the members of Wellington electronic outfit Groeni. Plot twist… when they are not making music they are crafting delicious fresh sandwiches at Good Boy, a business they opened in Newtown during March of this year. Offering Vegan and non vegan food, local coffee and cassettes out of their Hole in Wall, here’s a recipe to their most popular lunch treat.

Vibrant Vegan Sandwich

To make the Mandarin Nuoc Cham


Palm Sugar

Rice Wine Vinegar

Lime Juice


Fresh Chilli

(Equal parts to taste)

Blitz these ingredients together for a delicious condiment for your Sandwich. For the Daikon & Carrot mandolin your veges to make it noodley looking, then coat in brown sugar and a bit of salt to soften and cure slightly. Add fresh herbies… which ever you fancy (we love dill). Use a fresh Shelly Bay Bakery Bun and begin to assemble your Sandwich.

Shallow fry some Tepeh and season well add BBQ sauce ( we make our own) add Chiu Chow Chilli and Keap Manis. For some added crunch add roast beer nuts with deep fried shallots crushed through. To give it a nice creamy flavour add Vegan Mayo from Cleanshirt NZ (Wellington Vegan Business).

Assemble your creation and enjoy it! Chase with 2-17 Garage Project Devils punch Sour Nat from Cult Wine for $32 for a real flavour trip.