Friday Drive with Jim & Maximillion 07-07-17

fri drive/ jim & Maximillion

bruno furlan - danano
frightenrs - trouble in here
kevin morby - city music 
the smiths - barbarism begins at home
soccer practice - amene
black ghosts - repition kills you
soul wax - do you want
romare - LUV
noir and haze - around
everything is recorded - close but not quite 
undertones - you got my number
malatu astataque - yezele tezeta
scott manion - your kinda love
chaos in the cbd - contraints of time travel 
brick - dusic
ibeyi - away away
spice - needle in your eye pum pum
Bencoes-Sango blem mix
Somjai Nilbarun - Lam Plaern Diew Khaen Diew Phin
conjuto ngolo (telemachus dub)
Glass domain - interlock
Roy Ayers - Running away
Psychic Mirrors - Island girl
Jay Daniels - Paradise Valley
Blood Orange - Desiree
chic - good times (kon remix)
sly and robbie - superthruster
zds - we should bang
ghost naut and dualibe - sleeping giants
jessie hill - ooh poo ba doo
Mahmoud Ahmed - Beleya Beleya
Dotorado pro - Mister Kalimba
Monkey Marc - No surrender