Kane Strang – Oh So You’re Off I see
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Irdial
Sinkane – Telephone
Vok – Waterfall (Neelix remix)


Genesis – Fountain of Salmacis
Faderdaze – Lucky Girl
Brightness – Oblivion
Brother Brown feat. Frankee – Star Catching Girl
Lorde – Green Light
Pixies – Vamos
Lord Echo – The Sweetest Meditation feat Mara TK


Jstar – Bad Boy Stepping (Mo’matic remix)
MsMiep – Chemical Lobster
Skymning – Fell Into Place
Blancmange – Sad Day
Gonjasufi – Your Maker (Daddy G remix)
Mastodon – Andromeda
Raumskaya x DJ Groove – Cyactbe (Russian)

[Activity Guide] Bedrock Heaven Scent
Cut off your hands – Higher Lows and Lower Highs
Pixies – All I think about now
First Aid Kit – Ghost Town
Queen – Get down make love
Motels – Total Control


The Lumineers – Dead Sea
Bunny Rugs – I am I said
Forest – Motivated
Shihad – FVEY
CRASS – Bata Motel
My Baby – Love Dance
Spoko & Aguayo – Dirty Dancing
Brownout presents Brown Sabbath – Sweet Leaf
Primus – Wynona’s Brown Beaver
Arcade Fire – I give you power feat. Mavis Staples
Raw Collective – Smash the grips
The Max Key – In Paradise
Jacques GreenĀ  – To Say
Louis Baker – Gave it all away