The Rothmans (NZ) – Omakau
Moon Duo – Creepin
Arca – Fish
Bando Jonez – Sex You (ft Twister (Eastern Bloc remix)
luser (NZ) – Quicksniff
Bill Ryder Jones -He Took You In His Arms
Black City Lights (NZ) – Get Away (Shanalog remix)
Raw Collective (NZ) – Smash the Grips
Pesk (NZ) – When the Heavies Come
Jonathan Bree (NZ) – Tear Your Face Off
Amber Maya (NZ) – Back Pedal
Grinderman – Love Bomb
The Roulettes (NZ) – Headroom
Jack Ladder & the Dreamlanders – To Keep & To Be Kept ft Sharon Von Etten
David Bowie – Wild is the Wind


Hatched : t.King (NZ) – Wnted.2.be.right
Rune Lindbaek – Junta Jager
Cyrill Moncreith (NZ) – Hold the Line
Princess Chelsea (NZ) – Too Many People
Jay Roacher & Nettsmoney (NZ) – Cardigan & Paisley
Brightness – Oblivion
Dudley Benson (NZ) – Tui ft Vashti Bunyan (Stef Animal remix)
Paddy Fred (NZ) – Just You
AT;NU (NZ) – Dro-gen
Young Magic – Sparkly (Matthewdavid’s Odyssey)
Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath (Optimo edit)
David Dallas (NZ) – Fit In
Pop Will Eat Itself – Wasted pt 1
RUSS – Cherry Hill
Dirty Pixels (NZ) – Spacesuit
PJ Harvey – A Dog Called Money
Yvnaboy (NZ) – 21/1
LCD Soundsystem – Call the Police


Coil – Paranoid Inlay
The Ruby Suns – (NZ) Tilt of His Hat
ash_tre (NZ) – stoplook&listen
Kirin J Callinan – Come On USA
Churlington (NZ) – I Do Not Travel With Bananas, Sir!
Black Roots – I Believe ft Jah Garvey
Rei (NZ) – Hati

Active Live : Nikita Tu Bryant (NZ)

with big thanks to NZ on Air