Trinity Roots : This Road (Moody remix)
These Early Mornings : Ledges
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds : Waters Edge
The Broadsides : Bring Me Love
Russ : Cherry Hill
Ladi6 – Royal Blue
Santigold : The Keepers
Alt-J : Deadcrush
Wild Beasts : A Simple Beautiful Truth
Edie – Last Wish
Q-Tip : Breathe & Stop (Adi Dick remix)
Ghostnaut & Dualib : Sleeping Giants ft Raw Collective & Jinz Moss
Balam Acab : Wannaseeu
Passed Curfew : Even You
Black Vanilla : Just (Falty DL remix)
Clemintine : Sober
Friendly Service : Throw Me Outside

Blaek – live to air, with thanks to NZ on Air

Holly Herndon : New Ways to Love
Marisa Anderson : Variation on Group Anmataff “Tinariwen” (edit)

Hatched : Grayson Gilmour
The Invisible : Love Me Again ft Anna Calvi (Chaos in the CBD remix)
G-Experiment : Las Cover
Caveman : Thank You
Die Die Die : How Soon is Too Soon It’s Not Vintage It’s Used

D:UNK : In Out Fun Bounce
Geno Grey : Hell is Felt
Mermaidens : Satsuma
Perfect Hair Forever : Let’s Dance
The Stevens : Chancer
Bailey Wiley : IXL ft Raiza Biza
Winston Haywood : Long Long Time
Peaking Lights : Moonrise
Echo Ohs : Hot Pockets
Elan Vital : Albertraum
Destroyer : Dream Lover
Introverted Dancefloor : Giving Up On Summer
Love You To : Club Banger
Primal Scream : Higher Than the Sun
Demarnia Lloyd : Over Again, Pull Me In
DRC Music : Lingala ft Bokatola System & Evala Litongo
Ernesto Anemone : Antsy