@Peace – Nothing

Loscil – Sea Island Murders

Andy Stott – New Ground

Radiohead – Let Down

Mermaidens – Undergrowth

Beastwars – Mihi

HEALTH – New Coke

The Kills – Doing it to Death

Dead Skeletons – Dead Mantra

Kane Strang – It’s Fine

Ills Winter – I See Danger

Portishead – Over

Wendy House – Binary Shitload

System of a Down – I-E-A-I-A-I-O

Deftones – diamond eyes

Shocking and Stunning – Danger!!

Actress – Rule

Eminem – Infinite

lontalius – Loud

D’Angelo – The Door

Astro Children – While I Appreciate Your Concern

Cullen Omori – Sour Silk

Animal Collective – Who Could Win A Rabbit

Low – Do You Know How to Waltz?

Stevie Wonder – Superstition

Lucy Pearl – Jay Dee (Jay Dee remix)

Maserati – Bye M’Friend, Goodbye

Kip McGrath – Clock Hands

Dro Carey – Grow Lithe

Waterfalls – Empty Arms are Kinder

Fuzz – What’s in my Head

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized

Phoenix Foundation – Asswipe

Skymning – One Day I Will Cease to Exist for Eternity

Sharpie Crows – Fifteen Golden Balls Pt. 1

LTA – Zen Mantra