The Ruby Suns – Tilt of His Hat
Clams Casino – Brainwash by London
Christoph El Truento – Here
Elan Vital – Albtraum
Coil – Inkling
Vampire Weekend – Diane Young
Bat for Lashes – All Your Gold
The Situations – PCYs Everlasting Journey
Everything is Recorded – Close But Not Quite ft Sampha
Bucketboy – You Are Mine
9-5ers – Same Sky ft Siavani
Callan Vincent – Pearlescent
The Bent Folk – Liar
Darkstar – Timeaway (Nguzunguzu remix)

Hatched track – The Black Seeds – Better Days
The Cables – What Kind of World
Amique – Queen
Vessels – radiart
Juiceroof – Jaime Babe
Alt J – 3WW
P.H.F. – U R Entering the Grind ST8
Pelorus – Alive
High Hoops – Keep Your Love Close
Indian Wells – Cascades
Totems – Last Friday Night
David Dallas – Fit In
Raw Collective – Morals Down
Primal Scream Walking With the Beast
Seth Frightening – Rain in April

Wooden Shjips – Flight
Trillion – Cinders on the Dancefloor
Gentleforce – You Hold My Hand Through the Gate
The Convoy – Heh
bediquette – Bluebooking
Rory Storm – snes-IXI
Bao – Philosophy

Active Live : EDIE with cheers to NZ on Air