Indie Show w/ Gavin 14-01-19

smashing pumpkins – landslide
beirut – landslide
roxy music – if there is something
pulp – this is hardcore
animal collective – summertime clothes
dolfish – your love is bummin’ me out
the flaming lips – she don’t use jelly
fazed on a pony – natural toast (nz)
rock plaza central – anthem for the already defeated
dirty three – sue’s last ride
maserati – pyramid of the sun
kraftwerk – europe endless
belle & sebastian – lazy line painter jane
broadcast – tender buttons
pavement – summer babe (winter version)
mono – breathe
orchestra of spheres – black and white (nz)
idles – never fight a man with a perm
green river – swallow my pride
drug rug – for the rest of your life
slint – good morning, captain
rodan – jungle jim
follakzoid – rio