Indie Show w/ James T 18-07-16

indie show with james t.
9-11pm 18 july 2016

jingo – fever – afro rock vol.1
bohannon – save their souls
soul throbs – little girl
dionisio maio – dia ja manche – space echo….

suicide – ghost rider – suicide
dirty beaches – black horses
raymond scott – “night and day” – manhattan research inc.
moon duo – in a cloud – shadow of the sun
suicide – girl – suicide

the witch – introduction
roy ayers – escape – coffy ost
organisation – silver forest – tone float
johnny nash – love
west african rhythm brothers – mofi ajabi seyin – london is the place for me vol.3
moebius – traurige zita – blue moon ost

khun narin – sut sanaen #2 – electric phin band
barn owl – midnight tide – lost in the glare
the garbage and the flowers – love comes slowly now
the holydrug couple – glowing summer
john jacob niles – black is the colour of my true loves hair
john lennon – look at me

squrl – streets of williamsburg
rangda – hard times befall the door-to-door glass shard salesman – the heretics bargain
true widow – jackyl – as high as the highest….

lamp of the universe – gateway to the path of nirvana – from the mystic rays of astrological light