Bailter Space – fish eye
The 3Ds – hey seuss
Piewarmer – the motorway
Subliminals – crystal chain
Marineville – southern spire
Suburban Reptiles – saturday night stay at home
UMO – monki
Androidss – auckland tonight
Fetus Productions – what’s goin on
The Terminals – basket case
SJD – no telling where
Toy Love – Squeeze
Pop Mechanix – jumping out a window
So Laid Back Country China – in goodbye canyon
Snapper – telepod fly
The Bilders – russian rug
The Bilders – clifford flat
Dimmer – evolution
Renee Louise Carafice – a promise, a fireworks display
The Verlaines – joed out
Jakob – everything all the time
Labcoats – wharf protest
The 3ds – sunken treasure
SJD – four down
Ed Cake – gunga
Toy love – bride of frankenstein