Indie Show w/ Shane 05-08-19

Hot Pepper – no me presiones
Mac DeMarco – I’m a man
Azalia Snail – st. nowhere
Chocolat – on est meilleurs qu’R.E.M.
Daniela Casa – prima maniera
Swimming In Bengal – the spider who loved me
Graham Mushnik – dulcimer waltz
Virginia Astley – morning: a summer long since passed
Denis Wise – ya alim-kader
Kikagaku Moyo – blanket song
Yussef Kamaal – wing tai drums
Lost Gringos  – tambo machay
Feathers – silverleaves in the air of starseedlings
Tom Ze – qualquer bobagem
Sun Foot  – computer (don’t touch)
The Momes – world is only turning
Wreckless Eric – tell me I’m the only one
The Natural Yoghurt Band – snakes and ladders
Lekan Babalola – oya
Figen Han – pisi pisi
Dominique Guiot – la danse des méduses
Kit Sebastian – passionate objects
Henri Texier – le piroguier
James Holden – the caterpillar’s intervention
KHA-YM – san fedo
Children of Alice – rite of the maypole – an unruly procession
Naná Vasconcelos – aranda
Connan Mockasin – faking jazz together
Climax Golden Twins – billy mcgee mcgaw
Christine 23 Onna – fantastico
Hans Frisch – aiv